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Modules, 2021

  • *Sale by individual modules.

    Stainless steel
    0.14 x 0.14 x 0.13 m / 5 33/64 x 5 33/64 x 5 1/8 in

    "Modules" are stainless steel pieces on a smaller scale that invite the viewer to build a possibility of collectivity, as well as strengthen ties in doing.

    Ways of living, 2021

    Formas de inhabitar reflects on the possibility of building a community and a country. In this sense, based on a structural element such as a scaffold, a piece is conceived from which "Columns", "Shadows" and "Modules" are presented  seeking to demonstrate the difficulty that we face to build a common project, given the fragility of the structures that support us.

  • Please write to or contact +51 992 497 422.

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