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Lima, Peru, 1969

Visual artist from Corriente Alterna, School of Art and Creativity. Silver Medallist, 2018.
She began an extensive professional career as a lawyer (MA Human Factor) to later pursue her artistic vocation.
Her multidisciplinary work evokes Peruvian social history through the exercise of memory while also addressing education and the concept of 'Nation' as a construction. Installations and sculptural wall pieces predominate throughout her works and in her processes, she experiments with various materials, emphasizing metal.
Her works have been included in Bipersonal exhibitions and within local and international collectives. Recently, the individual exhibition Geometría y Poder, Paradero Habana de Micromuseo (Lima, Peru, 2022); International Collective Exhibition S/T, Van Gogh Art Gallery (Madrid, Spain, 2022); Independence: Cuzco Art Biennial, Bicentennial Edition (Cuzco, Peru, 2021-2022); and Formas de Habitar, Forum Gallery (Lima, Peru, 2021). Previously, PERÚ.ES, NB7 Gallery (Madrid, Spain, 2020); Sur es Sur, Enlace Gallery (Lima, Peru, 2019); Andamio, Yvonne Sanguineti Gallery (Lima, Peru, 2019); Peru Road to the Bicentennial I, III-V, Fórum Gallery (Lima, Peru, 2017, 2019-2021); and IX and X Exhibition - La Casa de la Familia, PUCP Cultural Center / Indigo Gallery (Lima, Peru, 2019/2021), among others.
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