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WORKS > Puzzle Peru I, II, III, 2018 -2019
Rompecabezas Perú I, 2018
Adobe, carvings made by primary school kids from 6030 school
in Punta Hermosa, Peru
Variable dimensions

Rompecabezas Perú II, 2018
4’ Videos, projectors, wood, adobe
Variable dimensions
Rompecabezas Perú III, 2019
Galvanized iron
Variable dimensions
Rompecabezas Perú is an artistic project of a relational nature connected to the land, which was born from the interest in making visible the bonds and values ​​that are generated through play. In this sense, the objective of the project was to build a Peru through collective action.
Rompecabezas Perú I (2018), was proposed as a collaborative process through play, which would allow an experiential, liberating learning experience that would rescue the ancestral wisdom of the elaboration of adobe for construction. The project was aimed at a group of boys and girls from the 6030 school in the Punta Hermosa district in Lima, together with whom the process of making and pouring the adobe into the 24 resin molds that represent the departments of Peru was developed. A few weeks later, the pieces were brought together to build and unite the whole country. This action allowed them to evoke - in a certain way - the reconstruction of their district, which was a victim of the El Niño Costero phenomenon in 2017. Likewise, the work with adobe led the children to capture the identity of each Peruvian department, as they represented each of them through various elements of nature, according to their own knowledge.

The second stage of the project, Rompecabezas Perú II (2018), consists of a video installation that rescues the experience of Rompecabezas Peru I through video stills of the collaborative process with students from school 6030, and the construction of an adobera. In this way, a sensory experience was offered to the public.
Rompecabezas Perú III (2019), third and final stage of the project, reflects -through 24 molds made of galvanized iron- about the concepts of void and fragmentation, along with the possibility of reorganizing the peruvian map. All this alluding to the precariousness of the country and its educational system.

Videos: Rompecabezas Perú I - Video Installation, canal I    
            Rompecabezas Perú I - Video Installation (canal II)
            Rompecabezas Perú Project
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